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     And We reveal in the Qur'an that which is healing and a mercy to believers; but it only adds to the loss of the wrongdoers.

Glad Tidings:Hazrat Pir Sahib said:-

"..Whosoever shall hear my discourses, and pass those on to at least ten new people every month and inform them about this place, he shall receive a blessed gift from Allah for that action, his one trouble will be removed, one disease will be healed, and Three Hundred Thirteen righteous deeds will be added to his account.

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A word of Caution: Hazrat Pir Sahib said:-

"...Some people hear the truth but do not move a muscle.  They neither act upon it themselves nor incite others. All such people should remember that God removes His hand of mercy from over them.  They deprive themselves of all blessings, fall into trial and turbulences,  face diseases, and even small errors which usually God forgives, are written as serious sins in their accounts."

2-1/2 Tola* Silver:Hazrat Pir Sahib said:-
"..Although it is acceptable and in accordance with the Sunnah to offer Nazrana for prayer and Wazeefa. However, it does not mean that a person should put himself or his family in any difficulty to make such exuberant offering of Nazrana which really is not affordable.  Usually, a donation equal to the value of 2.5 to 5 Tola* silver is quite sufficient. For this reason, I have directed my followers and students not to accept any thing more than the equivalence of 5 Tola Silver.  Instead, they should convince the giver, if it is really affordable, to pay Sadqa for the access amount.
One Tola is equal to 11.66 grams or 0.375 ounces.

Cleaned the temple, cleansed the mosque - and, scrubbed all your body clean,
But - didn't remove the soil from heart,- then, what did you really gain?

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taweez written from quran as gift in a necklace for a muslim practising islam and wearing hijab and some jewelery along with cloths of shalwar kameez some times sari as desi store for shopping and big shop and store where talisman ring are sold in matrimony spirit for matrimonial issues who must donate and offer nazrana and pay to bangla people in hindi script which came from pakistan to dargah shyareef and buy and sell slogan for gifts at large shopping place